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Housing Company – guaranteeing a professional process


Copenhagen is a wonderful city, but finding the right housing in Copenhagen can be quite a difficult task. Anyone with a wish to rent an apartment or any other type of housing in Copenhagen is in for quite the challenge, which is why Housing Company is at your service. We are experts at housing in Copenhagen.

At Housing Company we are experts on property and we can assist you in finding just the right kind of housing according to the duration and purpose of your stay in Copenhagen.

Being a locally based business, House Company can also be helpful if you are interested in renting out a property in Copenhagen. When renting out your property through Housing Company, you are ensured a partner who is an expert on housing in Copenhagen and an altogether professional handling throughout the process.


Mutual trust and individual guidance

We value the importance of mutual trust and we therefore ensure that both tenants and landlords meet certain criteria. Resulting in a successful experience for both parties when dealing with housing in Copenhagen.


We are looking forward to hearing from you – whether you are looking to rent a property or looking to rent out a property. Our consultants will provide you with the individual guidance needed for you to make the right decision.


At Housing Company we value service and individual consulting.


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Carefree housing in Copenhagen

Are you looking for a villa for rent in Copenhagen? We have made it easy to find housing in the Copenhagen area. We can arrange a carefree housing in Copenhagen. Feel free to contact us – we can offer our professional guidance whether you are looking for an apartment or a villa for rent in Copenhagen.   



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