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At Housing Company we are experts on properties. We can offer new properties all the time so we are sure that we can assist you in renting just the right new home for you according to the duration and purpose of your stay in Copenhagen.

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Copenhagen is a wonderful city but finding the right housing in Copenhagen can be a quite difficult task. Anyone wishing to rent an apartment or any other type of housing in Copenhagen is in for quite a challenge which is why Housing Company is at your service. We are housing experts in Copenhagen.

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For landlords

Trust and professionalism

The reasons for renting out your property for a long or short term can be many. Perhaps your expectations for the property market have not been met or maybe work commitments are taking you abroad.

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quick and thorough execution!

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For tenants

The Perfect Match

Finding a suitable home is a major priority. Moving from one home to another can be exciting but it can also be time consuming, challenging and filled with hurdles. We can help you overcome these challenges with our vast property selection and services.

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Maybe one of our property could be your new home!

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